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Our Services:

Grooming Services:

Here at Fort Wilbur, we offer free lifetime grooming services with each of our adoptions. This includes nail trimming, brushing, scent gland cleaning and various other services as needed. We also offer this service to the public free of charge in Volusia, Flagler, and Lake Counties. This service is offered by appointment only and with limited availability. 

Health Evaluations:

We offer free basic health evaluations for all rabbits. Please note this is not a replacement for a veterinarian visit; it is simply a health check up with one of our rabbit experts. For emergencies, please consult your local vet, or call us for a referral if you do not have a veterinarian  already. If you would like to schedule a free health evaluation for your rabbit, please give us a call. We offer these evaluations in person, and also rabbit care consultations over the phone, via email, or Zoom.


Fort Wilbur Rabbit Resources strives to educate the public on rabbit care and ownership. We reguarly hold public workshops and host training events free of charge. The workshops include instruction for basic rabbit care, habitat maintenance, rabbit healthcare, bonding your rabbit, life hacks, and more! The workshops are free, but are limited. Please Contact Us to learn more.

Emergency Guidance:

Fort Wilbur is a 24/7 asset to rabbit owners. If you have any serious concerns about your rabbit, we have staff on call to assist you with any questions you may have. Keep in mind we do not offer veterinary services, but we offer support and guidance and can direct you to a local vet or at-home remedies for minor concerns.

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