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Success Stories

On this page you'll find the stories of the rabbits that have been adopted out since we started keeping track on our website in 2019. We keep up with the families that adopt our rabbits to ensure they are well taken care of and happy. Thank you to all who have helped a little bun in need!

Houdini 2.jpg

Houdini, Male (Adopted!)

Adoptable since 04/2018 Adopted 09/2020

Houdini was abandoned at a local park in Ormond Beach, where we had to track him for two days in order to catch him. When we finally captured him and did a health evaluation, it was determined he was a serious abuse case. He had two broken ribs, scratches and lacerations, and was extremely malnourished. He was terrified of people and especially one on one interaction. He would scream if anyone touched him. After many weeks of behavioral therapy and health treatment, he was healed physically, but took over 3 months of love from one of our foster families to be completely comfortable with humans. Houdini found his forever home in September of 2020.


Monty, Male (Adopted!)

Adoptable since 11/2018 Adopted 05/2020

Monty is a very spunky and lively rabbit. He is very curious and full of personality. He will demand attention from you when he wants it (and will let you know if he doesn't,) and he has no issues with new friends, both animal and human. He is very playful and likes to turn anything he can into a toy. He is not suitable for very young or small children, but would do well with a family with responsible older children. He is leash trained and enjoys going on excursions such as to the park. Monty found his forever home in May of 2020.


The Puffies, Females (Adopted!)

Adoptable since 10/2019 Adopted 11/2019

Doug and Puffin (together known as the Puffies) are two bonded females. They were abandoned locally, and were in fairly healthy condition on arrival. They are young; under a year old, and must be adopted together without any intention of separation. Please keep in mind that two rabbits means twice the work, so an experienced pet owner is a must. They are very friendly, good with dogs and cats, and have excellent potential for litter box training. They love treats and attention, are very curious, not at all shy, and happy to meet new people. They are very treat and food motivated. They found their forever home November of 2019.


Leeloo, Female (Adopted!)

Adoptable since 06/2019; Adopted 11/2019

Leeloo was a rescue from Jacksonville. She was abandoned at the front gate of an apartment complex, and was found in the rain. Some good Samaritans picked her up and called us to get her. She is a bit of a diva. She is  a very organised bunny that likes toys and objects. She is very tidy, and we call her our "Interior Decorator Bun," because she loves to move things around in her cage and gets upset when you move them. She is good with cats and dogs, but doesn't like loud noises. Leeloo found her forever home in November of 2019.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 5.40.18 PM.png

Moo, Male (Adopted!)

Adoptable since 07/2019; Adopted 09/2019

Moo was a severe abuse case, and came to us from Lake County Animal Services with a broken jaw, gum infection, and a fear of humans. He has been completely rehabilitated, and now is a sweet, humble, and tidy rabbit. He was able to find his forever home in September of 2019.

Cappuchina and Gwen.jpg

Gwen & Cappuccino (Adopted!)

Adoptable since 06/2019; Adopted 06/2019

Gwen and Cappuccino were abandoned in Ormond by-the-sea, where these sweet bunnies became so hungry, they begged anyone that passed by for food and love. Fortunately, a kind-hearted person brought them to us, and we were amazed to find that other than being very hungry, they were in perfect health, litter trained, and extremely friendly. They had no trouble finding a forever home within a week of coming to our rescue. 

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